RRI in Selected Research Funding Organisations, Universities and Companies

The 1st round of RRItrends provided an initial understanding of (1) the dimensions of RRI that materialize in national policies, (2) the actors who are involved in the governance of RRI; (3) the techno-scientific domains that RRI governance addresses, (4) and the variety in policy mechanisms that are applied at the national level. It showed significant variation across these categories and heterogeneity across countries.

The 2nd round focuses on two themes that emerged from the 1st round, namely (1) ‘responsibility in organizations, funding research and innovation’ (public and private) (2) ‘responsibility in organizations, performing research and innovation’ (universities, companies). In their reports national correspondents addressed a number of research questions for each of these actors.

The 2nd round kept the definitions already used as working definitions:

Responsible innovation means taking care of the future through collective stewardship of science and innovation in the present
Stilgoe, Jack; Owen, Richard; Macnaghten, Phil (2013): Developing a framework for responsible innovation. Research Policy 42, 1568-1580.
Responsible Research and Innovation is a transparent, interactive process by which societal actors and innovators become mutually responsive to each other with a view to the (ethical) acceptability, sustainability and societal desirability of the innovation process and its marketable products( in order to allow a proper embedding of scientific and technological advances in our society)
Von Schomberg, René (2013): A vision of responsible research and innovation. In: Owen, Richard; Bessant, John; Heintz, Maggy: Responsible Innovation. Managing the responsible emergence of science and innovation in society. London: Wiley, 51-74.
The dimensions of RRI include public engagement, gender equality, science education, ethics, open access, governance.

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