Monitoring Policy and Research Activities on Science in Society in Europe (MASIS)

The work in RRITrends is inspired by earlier attempts to collect comparable information about the role of science in society across Europe. Specifically, RRITrends builds upon and extends the work that was carried out in the ‘Monitoring Policies and Activities on Science in Society in Europe’ (MASIS) project during 2010-11.

As in RRITrends, the MASIS project was based on data collection through a network of national experts on SiS. Each of the 37 correspondents in MASIS provided a comprehensive national report, based on a unified set of guidelines for data collection and a collective template for reporting.

Each national report can be read vertically as an introduction to Science in Society issues in the selected country. However, the standardized reporting scheme also provides a platform for cross-reading and comparative analyses.

The MASIS reports can be accessed below. Each report is arranged around five main themes:

National context, which describes current and recent debates about the relationship between science and society in the respective countries, national trajectories with regard to the place of science in society, and recent policy developments concerning science in society.
Priority setting, governance, and the use of science in policy-making, focusing on the different actors involved in shaping the relationship between science and society, formal and informal procedures for public engagement with science, and national processes and procedures for using science-based knowledge and scientific advice in policy-making processes.
Science in Society related research activities, with the purpose of describing the scale and scope of research efforts in the respective countries, including emerging themes, targeted areas, strategies for embedding science in society issues in mainstream research, and funding structures and opportunities for science in society research.
Activities related to science in society, which aims at monitoring the variety of different activities particularly concerned with public communication of science and technology, the intensity and complexity of science communication in the respective countries, and the actors involved.
The Fukushima accident, which provides a case exploration of the role of science and technology in relation to climate change, energy consumption, and resource depletion, with particular emphasis on nuclear energy and European responses to the nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in Japan.

The final MASIS synthesis report can be accessed here, and a series of academic papers compiled in a special section of Science and Public Policy can be accessed here. You can filter and sort the reports by country, title and filename.

Masis Reports

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